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Whether you’re a student or a teacher, Notion is here to help balance your many responsibilities with its all-in-one workspace 🍎

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Notion supports students and teachers in a couple of ways:

  • Individual university students and teachers whose Notion accounts are tied to a school email address can upgrade to the Plus plan for free.

  • Student organizations at select higher education institutions across the globe can apply to upgrade to our Plus plan and add members for free.

Students and educators who upgrade to the free Plus plan can enjoy:

Note: The free Plus plan for individual students and educators can only have one member.

Individual students and teachers

Individual students and teachers at accredited colleges and universities can upgrade to the Plus plan for free at any time. Before you upgrade, make sure of the following:

  • You have an educational email address associated with your Notion account. If you’re using a personal email address with your Notion account, you can change it to your educational email address following the instructions here →

  • You’re on the Free plan. If you’re currently paying for the Plus plan, you can still take advantage of this offer. Downgrade to the Free plan first by going to Settings & members in your sidebar → BillingChange plan.

Once you’ve met the above requirements, follow these steps to upgrade to the free Plus plan:

  1. Go to Settings & members in your sidebar.

  2. Select Upgrade plan.

  3. Select Get free education plan. If your school is recognized by our system, you’ll be upgraded automatically!

Note: Unfortunately, you must have a valid educational email address to upgrade to the Plus plan. We don’t accept student IDs or other documentation to verify a student or educator status at this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Student organizations

If you want to upgrade to the Plus plan for your student organization’s workspace, you can find more information and apply here. To be eligible for the upgrade:

  • You must be a student representing a student organization at a verified higher education institution.

  • The person applying must be the student organization workspace’s admin. Only one application per organization will be approved.

  • Your email must be a valid educational email address.

  • All members in your student organization’s workspace must also have the same domain as your valid educational email address.

  • Your organization must be recognized by your institution.

Once you’ve applied, our team will reach out to let you know if you’ve been approved.

If you’re not able to upgrade to the Plus plan for education:

  • You might be subscribed to a paid plan already. If you are, you’ll want to downgrade to the Free plan first to see the option to upgrade.

  • Your account might not be tied to a valid educational email address. Make sure you change your account email to your educational email.

  • Your workspace might have multiple admins or members. The Plus plan for individual students and educators can only contain one member. Remove any additional admins or members and try again.

  • Your educational institution may not be recognized by our system. Our team can help — email us at [email protected].

As a reminder:

  • Individual students and teachers can upgrade to the Plus plan for free, and can work with up to 100 guests in their workspace.

  • Approved student organizations can upgrade to the Plus plan for free, and can invite guests and members to their workspace for free.

If you’re brand new to Notion, check out the articles here to learn the basics.

You can also use our templates to build a foundation for your education workspace! To find our templates for students and teachers:

  1. Go to Templates in your sidebar.

  2. In the dropdown, select School. You can also use the search bar to look for a more specific template.

  3. Select a template to see what it looks like.

  4. When you’re ready to use the template in your own workspace, select Get template.


Why is Notion free for students and educators?

Notion is the perfect tool for school. We’d like to support the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and leaders.

Am I eligible for the free Plus Plan for students & educators?

You’re eligible if:

  1. You’re a student or educator at an accredited college or university.

  2. You have a school email address. We don’t accept student IDs or other documentation to verify at this time.

You’re not eligible if:

  1. You’re a K-12 student or K-12 educator. But you can still use our Free Plan with unlimited storage for free! Learn more on our pricing page.

  2. Your Notion account is associated with a personal email address, such as a or email address.

Do you offer any special pricing for the Business and Enterprise plans?

This discount is only valid for the Plus plan — unfortunately, there isn't a discount for the Business or Enterprise plans at this time.

What happens when I graduate or leave my educational institution?

You can continue using your free Plus plan for education as long as it continues to be associated with your educational email address. We hope you’ll stick with us 🤞

I’m a student who loves Notion. How can I get more involved?

Amazing! Thanks for being part of our community. The Notion Campus Leaders Program enables students around the world to share and teach Notion at their universities, while building strong Notion communities on campus. We encourage you to attend an upcoming CL event on your campus — or, if you’re feeling extra passionate, you can apply to become a Campus Leader yourself!

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