Operations Management

Manage your operations (manufacturing and logistics) quickyly with this Notion template !
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Manage all your production in one place with this production and logistics operations management template.

You'll find several sections in this template:

Teams : Here you'll find a table with your team members, a table with your partners' team members and a table with all your partners;

Tools: Here you'll find a description of all your management tools;

Processes: Write down all your department's processes here, to facilitate the integration of new employees and make it easy to find information in case of doubt;

Quotation: Find the purchase prices of your different products according to their validity dates (you can work directly with your supplier here).

Production: Manage your purchase orders, delivery batches and invoices;

Design files: Manage your prototypes and all your products;

Quality: Manage quality issues (to facilitate product improvement, 2nd hand reconditioning, etc.).

Project: My project management database

Save time when placing orders, improve project follow-up and product quality, and find all your technical information in one place!

You'll find an explanation of each feature on every page.

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