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Plan your trip, follow your budget and write down all your must see sites on this template !
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This templates will help you planify all your trips. You'll find 4 main pages with all what you need for an amazing trip :

A "Planning" Section in which you can create your itinerary and see it in a Timeline view.

You'll also find an "Expense" page with an expense table which is directly linked to your planning dashboard.

All your expenses will be directly compared with your budget. and on the principal view of this dashboard, you'll see how much money is left on your budget for each step of your trip !

A "Sightseeing & Activities" view.

A "Packing list" section so you won't forget anything for your trip

See your expenses and %of budget spent in real time !

On the home page you can quickly create new expenses but also see which accomodation still needs to be booked

You'll find an Explanation of the dashboard on each pages

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