Notion workspace for freelancers

With this template freelancers can organize all aspects of their company and gain a precious time
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This Notion template will greatly help freelancers to organize their activity and focus on what matters.

The template is a unique page with different subpages in which you'll find helpful databases. I added some notes to different dashboard to explain how they work. You'll thus find :

- A "General" section with all you administrative information, your graphic charter and your business plan.

- An "Accounting" section with a database for your quotes, one of your customer invoices, one of your expenses and finally 2 budgeting dashboard (one for your expense budget and the other for your revenue goal). The last Dashboard is a monthly report database on which you can compare you revenue goal with your actual revenues.

- A "Technical" section in which you can add all information related to your job (trainng, bibliographic research,...)

- A "Biz Dev" section with a prospect database on which you can find the status of your prospection and different views depending on the answer you received.

- A "Project" section where you can find all of your projects with the different steps of the project and alert message if your project is running late.

- A "Social Media" section with a planification dashboard of your social media publication, one for your blog articles ideas and a last one for your website modifications.

- A "Notes" section with a meeting notes dashboard filtered on the kind of meeting you had (customer meetings, training and networking)

- A "Personal Space" section with your sprint (to-do lists + Dashboard) your reading list and bulk ideas

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