Notion 2.11, now with Synced Blocks ๐Ÿ”„

Synced Blocks

Oftentimes, information needs to be included in multiple places throughout your workspace. But when that content needs an update, it's a pain to make those corrections over and over, one page at a time.

Now you can use Synced Blocks to ensure your content is always accurate and up-to-date! When you make any changes to the content or formatting of a Synced Block, all the other copies will update automatically.

Follow these steps to create Synced Blocks:

  1. Copy some content

  2. Paste on another page, and select Paste & sync in the dropdown that appears

  3. Your content is synced! Any changes you make will update every Synced Block.

The possibilities with Synced Blocks are endless. Here's a few ways you can use them in your Notion workspace:

  • Paste & sync OKRs across your team's homepage, weekly meeting notes, and 1:1 notes. When you make changes to the metrics & KPIs in one place, all the other Synced Blocks will update automatically.

  • Include a footer with your contact info & social media profiles on every page of your personal website, blog, or portfolio. If you choose to change the formatting or add more info down the road, Synced Blocks ensure you won't have to make those changes one page at a time.

  • Keep your company's mission statement, values, or North Star top of mind by including it at the top of every new project proposal, decision doc, and job posting. If there are any tweaks, you'll only need to make them once.

New API integrations with IFTTT, atSpoke & more

Since the introduction of the API public beta last month, thousands of developers have built integrations, making millions of API requests per day. It's incredibly exciting to see what y'all are building ๐Ÿ—๏ธ

Thanks to these new platform partners, there are even more ways to automate your workflows with the API:

  • IFTTT: A top request from the Notion community! Notion is now part of the IFTTT ecosystem of 700+ apps and devices. Create a new Notion page with Alexa or Siri, sync to-do lists across apps, and add items to your meeting notes by updating a Google Sheet.

  • atSpoke: Make it easy for anyone on your team to call up the answer to any question they have from your Notion knowledge base right in Slack, as seen below

  • Automate business processes by connecting Notion to Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom & 600+ other tools

  • Integromat: Choose from hundreds of apps to connect to Notion, including Pocket, Telegram & GitHub, all through an easy drag-and-drop interface

Embed Sketch designs, Excalidraw drawings & Framer prototypes

Now there are even more tools that you can embed directly in your Notion docs, meeting notes & tasks โ€” especially useful to share with folks on other teams who may not have access to those services. Just use these slash commands:

  • **/sketch**: Embed Sketch documents, artboards and prototypes in Notion to share your work with your team, as seen below

  • **/excalidraw**: Easily sketch diagrams that have a hand-drawn feel to them, then embed in any Notion page

  • **/framer**: New and improved ๐Ÿ’ซ Embed beautiful prototypes that are resizeable and fully interactive, right inside Notion

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • Date mentions such as @today now have tooltips when you hover over them with your cursor

  • โ€œTurn into page inโ€ and other new page menus are now shorter, cleaner, and easier to understand

  • Checked checkboxes now have higher contrast and lighter strikethroughs for better readability

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Codepen, Typeform, Google Map & Abstract embeds from loading in the desktop apps

  • Fixed a bug that caused a second app window to open when clicking the icon of a minimized window in the Mac App

  • Fixed a bug that allowed guests with "Can view" access to duplicate the page

  • Fixed a bug that prevented comments from being dismiss-able in the iOS app

  • Fixed a bug that prevented background colors from applying to selections of a block on mobile

  • Fixed a bug that caused a personal workspace to be created when attempting to create a team workspace during workspace creation

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the and โ‹ฎโ‹ฎ icons from appearing on edit-able public pages

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