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Widgets & shortcuts for Android ๐Ÿค–

Customize your Android home screen with instant shortcuts to the Notion dashboards, notes, and workflows you need. There's three customizable widgets to choose from, as well as handy shortcuts when you tap and hold the app icon:

  • Add one page as a widget for easy access, complete with icon and cover image

  • Pin a few of your FAVORITES or RECENTS to your home screen, then scroll or resize the widget to see more

  • Tap and hold the Notion app icon to instantly create a new page when you're on the go, or create a small shortcut to a specific page

To add a Notion widget to your Android device, just long press on any blank space on your home screen, and tap Widgets. Then, scroll to find Notion in the list, pick a style, then tap and hold to drop onto your home screen!

Bug Fixes & improvements

  • You can now upgrade from a free Personal Plan โ†’ Personal Pro Plan from the iOS app

  • Clicking on commented text within a block will now open the comment menu and keep the cursor on the text instead of focusing the comment input

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Mac App to display a white screen after an OS update completed

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Windows App file to disappear after an OS update completed

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the multi-account login feature from working in the Android app

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