Team Performance OS

Complete Notion System with OKRs, performance journals and skills plans for no-stress Performance Reviews
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The Team Performance OS is your new Notion companion for managing your team's growth and performance. It includes several databases for performance reviews and OKRs that track progress automatically. It's also packed with templates that make it easier for you and your team to develop skills, create improvement plans, and review performance in detail. This all-in-one tool not only simplifies your work, but it also empowers your team to take charge of their own development.

📓 What's inside?

1. Home portal with the performance database to manage the review cycle and access all templates.
2. OKR portal with 2 related databases to set and monitor the objectives and follow-up on results of the entire team.
3. Personal improvement plan template to address performance gaps and monitor the action plan.
4. Growth plan template to support development and further high performance of your talents.
5. Performance reveiw template with 5 distinct areas covering a 360-degree range of achievements, evaluation, and aspirations.
6. Calibration views for fair and equitable evaluation between the different teams (confidential area).
7. Performance journal template to track and note down observations on your team's behaviours.
8. Skills gap analysis calculator to discover where to focus your effort to boost the performance of your team.

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