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This dashboard sums up the most important parts of your life and keeps you aligned with your goals and New Year's resolutions and also keeps you aware of your time.
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The features available in the dashboard are:

This Year's Goals

Yearly Goals broken down into half-yearly, monthly and weekly goals

Weekly and Monthly Planner

Weekly and Monthly Review

Books to Read along with the current book you're reading at a glance

Identities you need to build

Habits you need to form

Your goals broken down into projects and milestones

Daily Journaling to keep you aware of your days

A Journal to keep track of your personal events and memorable experiences

A Watchlist along with the current show/movie you're watching at a glance

Weekly Tracker with the most important aspects to track such as

Sleep Schedule




Happiness & Mood

Screentime and many more

A Notes database where you can store notes

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