Leaders’ Habit Tracker

Identify and cultivate the habits that make you a better leader.
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Habits Tracker for People Managers

Habit trackers exist. Plenty of them. So why make one more?

Because my team needed my support and I was too focused on the operational tasks and forgot my mission as a leader: to build a strong cohesive team. So I made a habits tracker and made sure I follow the 5 tasks listed every single day. Happy to share it with fellow managers who may need a little nudge every day to be their best selves for their teams.

With this simple Notion template you will build 5 healthy habits to boost the happiness and performance of your team.

It takes around 5 minutes to setup and 1 min every day to track your habits. Each day a new page gets created with an empty row of checklists. Simply check the healthy manager habits you have already completed and go back to your team to complete the rest. Day by day, you will see changes in your attention towards your team, in your team performance, and in the culture of your team. Just stick to it.

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