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HomeOS: The Ultimate Notion Template for Holistic Home Management

Introducing HomeOS – your comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of your household directly within Notion.
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Key Features:

Household Members Database: Keep track of all household members, their contact information, assigned tasks, and related events.
Finances Tracker: Organize both income and expenses with relations to who made each transaction and what it was for, offering a full financial picture.
Maintenance & Repairs Log: Schedule, track, and assign household tasks, while also tracking related costs.
Smart Shopping List: Itemize your shopping needs and link them to household members and finances.
To-Dos & Reminders: Delegate tasks among household members and monitor completion.
Household Inventory: Document your important household items, their purchase dates, and associated costs.
Events & Celebrations: Never miss an important date, from birthdays to anniversaries, and link them to the relevant household members.
Meal Planning Database: Plan meals, link them to the cook, and ensure you have all the necessary ingredients in your shopping list.

One of HomeOS's standout features is the seamless relation between databases. Know who's responsible for which task, who made a purchase, and when a particular household item was bought. These interconnected databases provide a holistic view of the home's operations.

Why Choose HomeOS?
If you’re seeking a way to harmonize the multiple facets of household management, look no further. With HomeOS, bring everyone onto the same page, reduce repetitive tasks, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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Perfect for families, roommates, or anyone looking to bring organization to their home life. Click to purchase and start experiencing a streamlined home management experience!

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