Freelance OS (Team)

Freelance OS (Team)
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Key Features:

Projects Database: Track and manage projects from inception to completion. Monitor deadlines, connect with clients, and oversee the team involved.

Tasks Database: Assign tasks to team members, set priorities, and monitor progress.

Team Members Database: Keep a directory of your team with their roles, contact details, and tasks assigned.

Clients Database: Maintain a robust client database with essential contact information and associated projects.

Invoices Database: Streamline your financial tracking with an easy-to-use invoice system.

Meetings & Calls Database: Schedule, plan, and review meetings efficiently.

Why Choose This Template?

Holistic View: Gain an all-encompassing perspective of your business operations.

Highly Customizable: Built for flexibility, this template can be tailored to fit unique workflows.

Time Saver: With everything in one place, reduce the time spent jumping between platforms.

Enhanced Collaboration: Share databases and collaborate with team members effortlessly.

Ideal For:

Freelancers juggling multiple projects.

Small to medium-sized teams aiming for better project visibility.

Businesses looking to streamline client and project management.

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