Top 10 Paid Recipes Templates

Notion's recipe templates help inspire you in the kitchen. Organize your favorite dishes and experiment with new ones. Create shopping lists and meal plans to make grocery shopping a breeze.

What Should Recipes Templates Include?

Choosing the right recipe template in Notion can transform your cooking experience, making it easier to organize and execute your culinary adventures. Here are key components to look for:

  1. Ingredient Checklist: A good template should include a clear and editable checklist of ingredients. This helps in tracking what you have and what you need to buy.

  2. Step-by-Step Instructions: Detailed, easy-to-follow steps are essential. They should be broken down into simple stages to facilitate quick understanding and execution.

  3. Preparation and Cooking Times: Templates should provide sections to specify how long each recipe takes, helping you plan your cooking schedule efficiently.

  4. Photos and Videos: The ability to add multimedia elements can enhance the appeal and clarity of the recipe, making it easier to follow and more engaging.

With these features, a Notion recipe template can make cooking a more organized and enjoyable task, ensuring you spend less time in confusion and more in culinary creation.

What Should Recipes Templates Avoid?

When selecting a recipe template in Notion, it's important to be aware of certain features that might complicate your culinary documentation rather than simplify it. Here are three key components to steer clear of:

  1. Overly Complex Categories: Avoid templates that have too many specific categories. This can make it difficult to quickly categorize or find recipes, especially for dishes that might fit into multiple categories.

  2. Excessive Automation: While some automation can be helpful, too much can make the template rigid and hard to customize. It's best to choose a template that allows you to easily modify or omit automation features according to your needs.

  3. Non-Intuitive Layout: Steer clear of templates that do not have a clear and logical layout. A confusing interface can deter you from using the template regularly, thus defeating the purpose of having one.

Choosing the right template involves looking for simplicity, flexibility, and intuitiveness, ensuring it enhances your cooking experience rather than complicating it.

1Notion Recipe Manager & Meal Planner

This is an app-like template that lets you easily organize your recipes, and automatically scale your ingredients. It has a weekly & monthly meal planner, and an auto-generated shopping list based on your meal plans. 300 food items already entered with calories per 100 grams to save the data entry time., and so much more!

A template preview for Notion Recipe Manager & Meal Planner

2My Recipe Book

Create your own database of recipes you love! Add and browse through your recipe cards with photos, ingredients, types of food, and cuisine. Use the buttons at the top to filter ingredients in or out based on availability, mood, and dietary preferences. If you're not sure what to cook or want to try something new, let AI create a recipe for you based on the ingredients you have on hand.

A template preview for My Recipe Book

3Recipes Manager

🍔 Unlock your culinary creativity with our Recipes Manager Notion template!

🍔 Organize your favorite recipes effortlessly, categorize them for easy access, and bring your culinary visions to life.

🍔 Track total preparation time, list out ingredients, follow step-by-step instructions, and even add recipe videos to create a delightful cooking experience.

🍔 Elevate your culinary journey with the Recipes Manager Notion template and savor the joy of cooking like never before!

A template preview for Recipes Manager

4Cocktail Recipe Journal

It's a great tool for keeping and organizing your recipes. Record each cocktail's name, ingredients, garnish, and mixing instructions. This Notion template is ideal for bartenders, home mixologists, and anyone who takes pleasure in crafting their own recipes or keeping popular ones!

A template preview for Cocktail Recipe Journal


You have a recipe database and a meal planner database that each has its own distinct features and closely interacts. for example, you can add food in recipe database to meal planner directly.

create your own recipe without almost no effort!

A template preview for RECIPES


With this template, you can collect recipes and add ingredients. You can see the recipes you can make with your current stock and also see what you need to buy to cook the recipes you've got planned for the week.

A template preview for Recipes

7Recipe & Meal Planner

This template covers everything you need regarding food, eating, meal planning, and tracking your daily eating. Meal planning tends to make it easier to eat healthily, save time, and cut down on eating out. In addition there are additional features such as an inventory list, price tracker, foodie bucket list, allergy & intolerance list, cafe & restaurant list, appliance/tools list, themed menu planner, and a kitchen conversion & calculator.

A template preview for Recipe & Meal Planner

8Recipe And Meal Management Template

This customizable template is designed to help you easily store and access all of your favorite recipes in one place. With sections for ingredients, instructions, and even notes, you'll never have to worry about losing track of your favorite recipes again.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, our Notion Recipe Template is the perfect tool to help you stay organized and on top of your culinary game. So why wait? Download our template today and start creating delicious meals in no time!

A template preview for Recipe And Meal Management Template

9Ultimate cocktail recipe manager

You want to make your own cocktails at home, but you don't know where to start.
This ready-to-use template lets you manage your recipes and make your own cocktails in a simple, organized way.

Why choose ultimate cocktail recipe manager?
This model has been used personally for many years, and every section and property has been optimized to make managing your cocktail recipes as simple as possible.

Enjoy your drink, cheers!

A template preview for Ultimate cocktail recipe manager

10Recipe & Meal Planner

Introducing the Notion Recipe and Meal Planner Template, the ultimate tool for organizing and streamlining your meal planning and grocery shopping.

This template is designed to make meal planning a breeze, by organizing your recipes, creating grocery lists, budget tracking, and deciding on meals all in one place.

It features a built-in recipe template with fields for ingredients and instructions. There is also a comprehensive list of all the ingredients to help you keep track of what you already have on hand and what you need to buy at the store.

With this template, it's easy to find the exact dish you're looking for thanks to the easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to sort and filter recipes within each category.

What’s Inside?

Recipe collection with the pre-built template.
Easy to add customizable views
Ingredients database linked to recipes
Create custom grocery lists
Plans meals in advance.
Grocery Budget Tracker

With this template, you'll never have to worry about meal planning or grocery shopping again. Get your template today and start meal planning like a pro!

A template preview for Recipe & Meal Planner

Closing Thoughts

These templates streamline your cooking process, making meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze. They help you save time and reduce food waste by keeping everything organized.

Implementing these tools can transform your kitchen experience. Start with one template and customize it to suit your culinary style and dietary needs.

What is a Mise en Place?

Mise en place is a French culinary term meaning "everything in its place." It refers to the practice of organizing and arranging the ingredients needed for cooking.

What is a Roux?

Roux is a thickening agent made from equal parts flour and fat, cooked together, used to thicken sauces, soups, and stews.

What is a Bain-Marie?

A bain-marie is a water bath used to gently cook food or keep prepared food warm, preventing direct contact with too intense heat.

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