Top 10 Paid Food Shopping Templates

Never forget a grocery item again. Keep track of what you need to buy, create shopping lists, and easily meal plan in Notion. Our templates make food shopping a breeze.

What Should Food Shopping Templates Include?

Choosing the right Food Shopping Template in Notion can streamline your grocery planning and ensure you never miss an item. Here are key components to look for:

  1. Comprehensive Categories: A well-structured template should have predefined categories like dairy, meats, vegetables, and pantry staples, making it easier to organize your shopping list.

  2. Inventory Tracking: Look for templates that include inventory management features to keep track of what you have and what needs restocking.

  3. Price Tracking: Some templates offer the ability to record prices and compare costs over time, which can help in budgeting and saving money.

  4. Integration Capabilities: A good template should easily integrate with other tools or apps, such as recipe planners or calendar apps, for seamless planning.

Selecting a template with these features will not only save you time but also enhance your overall shopping experience.

What Should Food Shopping Templates Avoid?

Choosing the right food shopping template in Notion can streamline your grocery planning process. However, some features may complicate rather than simplify your shopping experience. Here are a few elements to steer clear of:

  1. Overly Complex Categories: Templates that divide items into too many specific categories can make your shopping list cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

  2. Non-Customizable Layouts: Avoid templates that don't allow you to adjust sections and categories. Flexibility is key to tailoring the template to your specific shopping habits and needs.

  3. Excessive Automation: While some automation can be helpful, too much can make the template rigid and less intuitive. It's important that the template enhances the shopping experience without taking control away from the user.

Ultimately, the best food shopping template should enhance clarity and efficiency without adding unnecessary complexity to your planning process.

1NutriMaster | Automated Meal Planner

What's included in the template?
1. Recipes: A dedicated page to store and access all your favorite recipes
2. Ingredients: Keep track of your pantry essentials and never miss an ingredient again
3. Shopping list: Automatically updated with the necessary ingredients for the following week's meal plan
4. Meal planner: Plan your meals weeks ahead, ensuring a well-balanced diet
5. Track ingredient that running low
6. Get recommendations of meals for which you have ingredients
7. Mobile view

A template preview for NutriMaster | Automated Meal Planner

2Meal Planner

Uncover a world of gastronomic delight in our Recipes Library, meticulously organized to cater to every meal of the day. Set your default template and effortlessly craft new recipes with a simple click of the blue arrow.

A template preview for Meal Planner


With this template, you can collect recipes and add ingredients. You can see the recipes you can make with your current stock and also see what you need to buy to cook the recipes you've got planned for the week.

A template preview for Recipes

4Ultimate Meal Planner

Introducing the ultimate meal planning companion: our Aesthetic Notion Meal Planner Template, an all-in-one solution designed to revolutionize your cooking journey. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this template seamlessly combines Meal Planning, Grocery List organization, Meal Prep scheduling, and a comprehensive Food Tracker. Elevate your daily and weekly routines with a visually pleasing and user-friendly interface that turns meal planning into a delightful experience.

A template preview for Ultimate Meal Planner

5Recipe & Meal Planner

This template covers everything you need regarding food, eating, meal planning, and tracking your daily eating. Meal planning tends to make it easier to eat healthily, save time, and cut down on eating out. In addition there are additional features such as an inventory list, price tracker, foodie bucket list, allergy & intolerance list, cafe & restaurant list, appliance/tools list, themed menu planner, and a kitchen conversion & calculator.

A template preview for Recipe & Meal Planner

6Ultimate Recipes & Shopping Organizer

Designed to simplify your cooking and shopping, this versatile template consolidates your favorite recipes and seamlessly organizes your shopping list. Tired of scattered culinary chaos? Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for recipes across platforms and hello to a centralized system that categorizes, rates, and even generates your shopping list from selected recipes. Upgrade your kitchen game with the Ultimate Culinary Catalog! 🍲🛒

A template preview for Ultimate Recipes & Shopping Organizer

7Aesthetic Notion template

Introducing our aesthetic notion templates to elevate your organization and productivity across various aspects of your life! These beautifully designed templates are perfect for enhancing your planning experience

Your purchase includes pre-built pages for:

1. Weekly and Monthly Planner: Stay on top of your schedule with our stylish weekly and monthly planner templates. Organize your tasks, appointments, and goals in a visually appealing layout that keeps you motivated and focused.

2. Skincare Routine Tracker: Take your skincare routine to the next level with our skincare tracker template. Keep track of your daily regimen, product usage, and skin concerns to achieve your skincare goals effectively.

3. Wishlist Organizer: Create a wishlist filled with your desired items using our wishlist notion template. Categorize products, add notes, and prioritize your wishlist items in a visually pleasing format.

4. Shopping List Notion Template: Simplify your shopping experience with our shopping list template.

5. Journaling Template: Capture your thoughts, memories, and reflections with our journaling template. Create a digital diary filled with personal anecdotes, goals, and inspirations to document your journey.

6. Goals Planner: Set, track, and achieve your goals with our goals planner template. Visualize your aspirations, break them down into actionable steps, and monitor your progress towards success.

7. Travel Planner Notion Template: Plan your next adventure with our travel planner template. Organize itineraries, packings lists, and travel essentials to ensure a smooth and memorable trip.

8. Movies & Shows Tracker: Keep tabs on your favorite movies and TV shows with our movies & shows tracker template. Record ratings, reviews, and watchlists to enhance your entertainment experience.

9. Books Planner Notion Template: Expand your reading horizons with our books planner template. Create reading lists, track progress, and discover new literary gems to enrich your reading journey.

10. Finance Tracker Planner: Take control of your finances with our finance tracker template. Manage budgets, track expenses, and set savings goals to secure your financial future.

11. Meal Planner Notion Template: Simplify meal planning with our meal planner template. Organize recipes, plan weekly menus, and create grocery lists for a stress-free dining experience.

A template preview for Aesthetic Notion template

8Nutrition 2.0

Harness the power of the Recipe Gallery alongside the Ingredients Database, My Kitchen Tools, Cooking Videos, Shopping List, and Pantry. Seamlessly integrate flavor, nutrition, and organization into your kitchen routine. Unleash your inner chef, master new techniques, and create harmonious meals that nourish both body and soul.

A template preview for Nutrition 2.0

9Meal Planner 2024

Are you tired of the endless mealtime decisions and the hassle of grocery shopping? Look no further! This Meal Planner Notion template is here to simplify your life, making meal planning a breeze.

Key Features:

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity: Plan your weekly meals effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Rearrange meals, update recipes, and adjust your schedule with ease.

Dynamic Grocery Lists: Instantly generate grocery lists based on your meal plan. The list is dynamically linked, so any changes you make are automatically reflected in your shopping list.

Recipe Library: Access a vast library of delicious and healthy recipes. Whether you're a culinary expert or a beginner, find inspiration for every meal with step-by-step instructions and nutritional information.

A template preview for Meal Planner 2024

10Seamless Meal Planner with Grocery List Add-On

Imagine this: Sunday morning, a steaming cup of coffee in hand, you effortlessly plan your week's meals with this Notion template. No more scrambling through cabinets or forgetting key ingredients. Drag and drop meals from breakfast burritos to comforting pasta nights, and watch your grocery list populate magically. With your pantry organized and recipes at your fingertips, you're ready to conquer the week, one delicious, stress-free meal at a time.✨

A template preview for Seamless Meal Planner with Grocery List Add-On

Closing Thoughts

Utilizing these templates streamlines your grocery shopping process, saving you both time and effort. They help in organizing your purchases, ensuring you never miss an item.

Embrace the efficiency of pre-planned shopping lists. Start using a template today to experience a smoother, faster, and more cost-effective shopping journey.

What is a Pantry Inventory?

A detailed list or database that tracks the types and quantities of food items currently stocked in a home pantry, helping to avoid over-purchasing.

What is a Price Book?

A tool used by savvy shoppers to track prices of frequently purchased items across different stores to determine the best deals over time.

What is a Meal Plan Template?

A structured layout that assists in organizing weekly meals, ensuring all necessary ingredients are purchased in a single shopping trip.

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