Top 10 Free Food Shopping Templates

Never forget a grocery item again. Keep track of what you need to buy, create shopping lists, and easily meal plan in Notion. Our templates make food shopping a breeze.

What Should Food Shopping Templates Include?

Choosing the right Food Shopping Template in Notion can streamline your grocery planning and ensure you never miss an item. Here are key components to look for:

  1. Comprehensive Categories: A good template should have pre-defined categories like dairy, vegetables, meats, and spices to help organize your shopping list efficiently.

  2. Inventory Tracking: It should include features for tracking what you already have in your pantry to avoid unnecessary purchases and reduce waste.

  3. Budget Management: Look for templates that allow you to set a budget and track spending as you shop, helping you stay within financial limits.

  4. Meal Planning Integration: The best templates link directly to meal planning features, enabling you to buy exactly what you need for the week’s meals.

With these components, a Notion food shopping template can transform the way you handle your grocery tasks, making the process both efficient and enjoyable.

What Should Food Shopping Templates Avoid?

Choosing the right food shopping template in Notion can streamline your grocery planning process. However, some features may complicate rather than simplify your shopping experience. Here are three key components to steer clear of:

  1. Overly Complex Categories: Templates that divide items into too many specific categories can make your shopping list cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

  2. Non-Editable Elements: Avoid templates with locked sections or non-editable fields, as they prevent customization based on your changing needs and preferences.

  3. Excessive Automation: While some automation can be helpful, too much can make the template rigid and less intuitive. Opt for templates that allow manual input when needed.

Ultimately, the best food shopping template should enhance your efficiency without adding unnecessary complexity to the task of grocery shopping.

1the anime kitchen

With its colorful design, this template is perfect for all your culinary needs, for anime and food lovers alike!

It includes pages such as:
- weekly meal planner
- food and drink recipes
- shopping lists
- cooking inspiration (via AI)
- unit converters
and much more!

note: template will be available for free until 10th July, 2023

A template preview for the anime kitchen

2Simple shopping list

A simple grocery shopping list with customizable categories and filters to allow you to add items quickly and see what you need at-a-glance.

A template preview for Simple shopping list

3Meal Planning

Use this Notion dashboard to make meal planning enjoyable and well organized. Save your favourite recipes, create your meal plans using those recipes, and create your grocery list based on what you’ve decided to make each week. Template includes 3 databases, a video walk-through, and tips for meal planning and food storage.

A template preview for Meal Planning

4Weekly Meal Planner

Plan your weekly meals, store and categorize your recipes, and get your groceries list automatically generated

A template preview for Weekly Meal Planner

5Recipe Book & Meal Planning (Standard)

Our Standard Version of the Recipe & Meal Planner is useful for managing your meal planning, recipes, and inventory. It includes the following features:
✨ Weekly Meal Planner
✨ Recipe Manager
✨ Inventory List

A template preview for Recipe Book & Meal Planning (Standard)

6Shopping List

This shopping list template helps individuals, teams, and companies to organize their grocery shopping more efficiently, saving them time and effort. By providing a structured layout for tracking purchases, it enables users to avoid overlooking important items, reduce waste, and better manage their budgets. The template's flexibility also allows it to be customized to meet specific needs and preferences, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to streamline their shopping experience.

A template preview for Shopping List

7Food and Workout planner

This allows you to log your pantry automatically add food to your shopping list when picking out your meals for the week if the items are not in stock. The workout planner allows you to list all exercises so that you can compile your own workout plan that's interchangeable but also allows you to track your progress

A template preview for Food and Workout planner

8Shopping List Template

This is a simple, easy-to-use template that allows users to easily keep track of items they wish to purchase across six different categories: Clothes, Electronics, Health, Household, Groceries, and Stationary. A checkmark box system provides a quick overview of what users still need to buy, and new items can easily be added. The "Groceries" section has a bonus page with a list of common fruit, vegetables, and herbs as well as when each item is in season to ensure that you eat only the healthiest of produce.

A template preview for Shopping List Template

9Meal Planner

With this template, you can easily plan your meals for the entire week, manage all your favorite recipes, and keep track of your ingredients with automatic shopping list.

A template preview for Meal Planner

10Shopping list

With the template you can categorize your next purchases and put all your links in the same place so you don't lose them. You can also share this template with a loved one so they can add their own wishes too!

A template preview for Shopping list

Closing Thoughts

Utilizing these templates streamlines your grocery shopping process, ensuring you never miss an item. They help you organize your purchases by categories, saving time and reducing stress.

Start by choosing a template that fits your shopping habits and customize it to your needs. This small step can lead to significant savings and a more efficient shopping experience. Take action today!

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