8 essential database templates

Databases are a core building block in Notion — you can use them to track team goals, collect research, organize your notes, and much more. Here's 8 fundamental ways to get the most out of them — use these templates for inspiration, then customize them to work the way you want!

1Match Group's roadmap

+1 Labs, the innovation lab at Match Group (Tinder, Hinge, Match, OkCupid) built this roadmap to prioritize their big bets for the year and maintain vision and focus. Use their template to drive clarity around what the team wants to run after and when.

A template preview for Match Group's roadmap

2Meal planner

Plan your weekly meals effortlessly with this Meal Planner template! Just add your favorite dishes and link them to the days you plan to eat. For each meal, you can easily note down ingredients and cooking steps. Simplify your mealtime and always know what's next on the menu!

A template preview for Meal planner

3Buffer's OKRs

With employees in 16 time zones, transparency is core to Buffer’s culture and operations, guiding how people work and collaborate. Take a page from their Notion workspace and make your company, team, and individual goals accessible to everyone.

A template preview for Buffer's OKRs

4University hub

This is a template for students to keep track of your university studies by giving you a central place for your assignments, uni events, notes/active recall questions, course material, and more.

This hub will allow you to keep track of all content learnt and create an easy way to study it throughout the semester.

A template preview for University hub

5Notion's people directory

We call our employee directory a "people directory" — because it's all about the people. Instead of using a separate HR tool, we use a database in Notion with custom properties (birthday, office pets, etc.) to give every teammate space to show off their personalities. You can also view the table by team or sort by date joined.

A template preview for Notion's people directory

6Notion’s company goals

Creating company goals is a sure-fire way to help drive clarity around day-to-day tasks and build morale, but it’s easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of the task at hand. Here at Notion, we use this template to consolidate all of our company goals and make it easy to track performance, timelines, status, and more! Use this template to systematize knowledge transfer and collaboratively build out your company goals.

A template preview for Notion’s company goals

7Business model canvas

This template helps you lay out all the key components of your business so you can spot opportunities, dependencies, and challenges. It also makes it very easy and orderly to share your business plan with other stakeholders.

In partnership with .

A template preview for Business model canvas

8Habit tracker

Keep yourself accountable by tracking your habits everyday. With Notion's button block, you can easily check off completed habits for the day with a single click. Whether you're trying to drink more water, exercise regularly, or meditate every day, this template will help you build healthy habits with ease.

A template preview for Habit tracker

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