New API, integrations & link previews

Bring files from Pitch, Amplitude, GRID & Hex into Notion

View charts, graphs, and presentations, right inside your Notion docs and tasks. Just paste a link from Pitch, Amplitude, GRID or Hex to create a link preview!

  • Include Pitch decks right inside in your meeting notes

  • Show up-to-date charts from Amplitude in product reviews

  • Include interactive charts and calculators from GRID in your Notion docs

  • Enable easy access to Hex charts and graphs across your company

When you create a link preview, it will be visible to anyone who has access to that page. If there are folks on your team who don't have access to these tools, link previews are a great way to bring more visibility to this work.

Integrate your workspace with Census, Rootly &

Connect your Notion workflows with even more tools, creating a central source of truth for your team. Browse the Integration Gallery to find new additions, including:

  • Census, a reverse ETL tool that syncs trusted data from your warehouse to Notion

  • Rootly, a Slack-native incident management app that automatically sends incident reports to Notion

  •, an automation tool that sets up recurring workflows in Notion

If you’re a developer who wants to see links to your software come to life in Notion, this one’s for you. Build on Notion’s new API to enable dynamic link previews anytime your customers paste a URL to your service in a Notion doc.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • For new API features & improvements, go to →

  • The “Allowed email domain” setting is no longer editable in workspaces where SAML is enabled or enforced

  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to jump when inputting a comment in Safari

  • Fixed a bug that prevented bookmark blocks from rendering correctly for LinkedIn URLs

  • Fixed a bug that prevented authorizing the Slack integration from the desktop apps

  • Fixed a bug that allowed code blocks to be editable via keyboard shortcuts on public Notion pages

  • Fixed a bug that caused database entries to be deleted when pressing backspace or delete while highlighting a page-level comment in peek view

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Microsoft Word files from importing properly if the filename contained “#”

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