Notion 2.16, now with faster databases

If you think of Notion like a kitchen, our engineers are constantly cooking up new features. But kitchens get messy! So we spent the past couple weeks deep cleaning: fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and polishing some rough edges — using your feedback to help us prioritize.

The result? Now your Notion workspace is faster, easier to navigate, and has a few new mini-features too. Read on to learn more:

Large databases load 2.5× faster

When you’re working with hundreds or thousands of docs or tasks, databases help you keep everything organized. But in the past, Notion’s servers would try to load the entire database all at once, making giant databases quite slow.

Now, your databases only load what you need, when you need it. As a result, large databases are more than twice as fast as before — and this improvement is even more noticeable on databases with over 1,000 rows.

Export filtered database views

Databases can store huge quantities of content — and filters help you find what you need. But before, it was impossible to export a database without including all of its content, even if a filter was applied.

Now, you can export your filtered database views as PDF, HTML & CSV. Just click the ••• at the top right of your app, select Export, and choose “Current view” for the “Include databases” option.

Wrap individual columns

In your Table view databases, some cells can start to overflow with content — especially text & URL properties. You may want to “wrap” the cells to see all this content at a glance, or turn off wrapping to hide the overflowing content. But before, this option could only be applied to the entire database.

Now, you can customize text wrapping for each individual column. Just click on the column header, and you’ll see a new toggle to “Wrap column.”

It’s easy to link to a Notion page. But what if you wanted to point to a specific part of the page? Just click the ⋮⋮ to the left of any block, then Copy link to block to copy the URL to your clipboard.

Now when you paste the link to a specific block in a Notion page, you’ll see a Mention block option that creates a dynamic inline link to that content.

Hover your cursor to see long titles that got cut off

If your page titles or database property values are quite long, they’ll probably get cut off when you try to view them in various parts of the app. Now there are tooltips to see the full names of:

  • Menu items in some dropdown menus for quick filters, select & multi-select values

  • Related pages with long titles when you hover over relation property values when you’re in page view

  • Database property titles when you hover your cursor over column headings in Table view

Bug fixes & improvements

  • For new API features & improvements, go to →

  • You can now double click column resizers in Table view databases to automatically resize columns to fit the content inside

  • Relative dates such as “today” or “within the past month” are now available within quick filters, and no longer require an advanced filter

  • If you create an empty row in a Table view database by accident, you can press the Esc key to automatically delete the empty row

  • When you attach multiple images to a comment, the images will now be collapsed to take up less room

  • The slash command menu is more difficult to trigger on accident — it no longer appears in the middle of a number such as 12/09/1968, and the menu is dismissed after four non-aligning characters are typed, or after a space (unless at the beginning of a block)

  • Cleaned up the slash command menu to show more accurate results

  • Fixed a bug that prevented toggle headers from showing up correctly in the slash command menu when using heading keywords

  • Fixed a bug that prevented /turninto commands from showing the expected options in the slash command menu

  • Now a small pop-up appears at the bottom of your screen whenever you move an item to the Trash, with a button to Undo

  • Code blocks where the language is set to Mermaid no longer show an error message when there’s no code to render

  • Code blocks on public Notion pages now include a Copy button to copy everything from the code block to your clipboard

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “+” and “⋮⋮” icons to appear when hovering over blocks on public pages when “Allow comments” was enabled

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from adding comments to blocks on public pages even if “Allow comments” was enabled

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Excel files from importing

  • Fixed a bug that prevented content inside Synced Blocks from being included in PDF exports

  • Fixed a bug that prevented simple table row height, column width, and background colors from being reflected in exports

  • Fixed a bug that prevented simple table rows and columns from supporting background colors if the “Header row” or “Header column” option was enabled

  • Fixed a bug that prevented simple table columns from being able to revert back to a default background after a background color was applied

  • Fixed a bug that prevented background colors from applying to the “Load x more” row in Table view databases nested within callout or quote blocks

  • To declutter your pages, the “Calculate” placeholder button is now hidden by default on inline Table database views until you hover your cursor

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the number 0 from appearing correctly in number filters

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Load 50 more” button to appear on Table view databases with less than 50 rows

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the title field from being automatically focused after clicking the + New button on databases with a row limit applied

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the keyboard shortcut for opening/closing all toggles on a page from working correctly on database pages opened in peek view

  • Fixed a bug that prevented using the Return / Enter key inside a title to insert the remaining text as the first block in an empty page

  • Fixed a bug that prevented another to-do block from being created after hitting Return / Enter at the end of a to-do block if it had an empty child block nested beneath

  • Fixed a bug that caused a white flicker after uploading a cover image

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the hardware “back” button from working on some external mice

  • Fixed a bug that caused the date picker to show dates one day late in certain time zones

  • Fixed a bug that allowed times with a 24 hour format to be inputted in dates with 12 hour formatting applied

  • Fixed a bug that caused the iOS app to crash for some users when adding an additional account

  • Removed the ✏️ icon on rollup values on mobile since it was blocking the content inside

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