Company spec

Thinking about starting a company? This template will help you think through your startup idea from first principles.

Product spec

Responsible for building a feature from the ground up and not sure where to start? This template will help you quickly spec out anything.

Willingness-to-pay interview ****

Responsible for pricing, or trying to figure out your business model? Conduct willingness-to-pay interviews with your core customers to help light the way.

Landing page

Once you’ve written a spec for your startup idea, you can use this template to create some basic landing pages and test it with target customers.

Remote brand design sprint

Early on in the life of your startup, you’ll need to figure out how to brand and position your product. You’ll want to do this much sooner than you’d think.

Zero to one: Product fundamentals for go-to-market

How to think about go-to-market from the inside-out.