Notion has updated its Notion for Startup Terms effective April 11, 2023. These terms apply to all new program participants. To view the previous version of the Notion for Startup Terms, click the link below 👇

🤝 ****Notion for Startup Terms (Deprecated April 11, 2023)

Your organization (“you,” or “your”) may be eligible to receive a Notion for Startups promotional offer (the “Offer”). Notion Labs, Inc. (“Notion”) may collect information from you to verify whether you meet the program eligibility criteria. By submitting your information you agree that Notion may use the information to verify your eligibility, which may include sharing this information with a third party provider.

You acknowledge and agree that Notion may issue or not issue the Offer in its sole discretion and Notion may change the program eligibility criteria at any time in its sole discretion. Current program eligibility criteria include: (1) you have a valid Notion domain; (2) you have a public company website and a unique company email domain (generic email domains and stealth websites will not be accepted); (3) you have not undergone a change of control or initial public offering; (4) you are currently a non-paying Notion Customer that is now moving to a Notion Plus plan; and (5) you have received less than ten (10) million USD funding from accredited investors. Notion may require a minimum level of funding if you are not affiliated with a Notion startup partner. If Notion denies your request and you believe you should be eligible, you should email [email protected].

The Offer may only be applied once and may not be used not in combination with any other offers or codes. The Offer will be applied from the date that it is issued to you.

The Offer may only be applied towards current Subscription Fees (as defined in Notion’s Master Subscription Agreement) and may not be applied to prior payments. The Offer may not be applied to existing subscriptions, including but not limited to Plus, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Your company must have less than 50 employees to use the Offer. The Offer is not redeemable for cash and shall expire one (1) year after the date the Offer is issued. Notion may discontinue its Notion for Startups promotional offer program at any time, for any reason, and in its sole discretion.